Not Sure Gillmor Needs Explaining

Joel Spolsky took Steve Gillmor’s latest post on GestureLab and “decoded” it. (I noticed this because I’ve got Dana Gardner in my aggregator). I must be one of the strangest people in the world because I don’t feel like I need to spend much time decoding what Steve says. I tend to appreciate that he doesn’t stop very often to explain something that I already know. I figure that anyone listening or reading would care enough to google a reference he made that they didn’t catch.

I did find it amusing that Joel uses “Rashi” and “Tosefot” without explaining their significance. I’m not a regular Joel on Software reader, so maybe I’m missing context. (It’s a reference to Jewish scholarism. Google it.)

Having listened to the Gillmor Gang for the entire run, I got to where I understood the principles behind what Steve says. I started paying attention to the things he pays attention to. And thus I tend to follow his thinking as well as anyone else’s. I often would find myself frustrated with the other members of the gang when they couldn’t get some point that I’d already reached.

Anyway, I miss listening to the gang each week, but I figure I’ve been taking more out of the Net than putting into it for the past few years. Maybe I’ll finally arrange for my own podcast.

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