The “I Eat Poo” Game

Seems like you’d need to be drunk or young or both to play this, but it does illustrate a game mechanic I like. That is the hidden wager mechanic. In games played around a table, it keeps everyone engaged and prevents those lulls where one player is deep in thought while the other players might get bored.

I Eat Poo — Jeremy — Medium

Earlier this evening, @danfuzz told me that some of his friends were playing a game called “Tweet or Twenty” in which everyone around a table selects a Cards Against Humanity white card and either must post the content to their Twitter account or pay $20 into a pot. The idea is that if the card is too embarrassing, you’d rather pay than have to post it.

I thought this was a fun idea until I realized that since (a) the posts all contained “#TweetOrTwenty”, and (b) a more-or-less complete list of Cards Against Humanity cards is readily available, embarrassment is limited because it’s easy to tell when someone is playing and therefore when their post is not to be taken at face value. So I started thinking of ways to remove this limitation.