New Scientist Covers Indie Game, A New Zero

I found it strange that the article offers Elite 2 and Elder Scrolls as examples of games that generate their environments procedurally. Nethack comes to mind. But if you watch the video demo of A New Zero, the blocky graphics and soft music might remind you of another little game called Minecraft.

Shoot-’em-up game creates borderless virtual worlds (New Scientist)

A 3D video game that creates a virtual world on-the-fly could change how blockbuster shoot-’em-up titles are built.

The idea of building gaming environments from code, known as procedural generation, is not new. Austin points to an early 1990s space simulation called Frontier: Elite 2, which procedurally generated a whole galaxy for exploration. The popular Elder Scrolls series of games uses procedural generation to draw many of its dungeons, which are then touched up by artists.