Rollins radio interview with Full Metal Jackie

It’s good to get a check-in from Rollins. I’m sad to read that he’s “stopped thinking lyrically” and has no plans to make more music. Everything he does is entertaining.

BLABBERMOUTH.NET – HENRY ROLLINS: ‘I Like Stress; It Keeps Me Rockin”

I’d rather give and get respect in that I’ll respect you as a default in that I’ve never met that person, you’re going to get my respect and you’ll go in with 100 points — all you can do is lose. Start a relationship with me and a man on the street and that person will get 100 percent of my respect. All that guy can do is lose, in that he can maintain the level of respect by respecting me and if I can’t get his respect, if he doesn’t seek my respect by giving me his well then he can have some fear instead. So when you are getting walked on or good-natured and just being trotted upon, maybe you should have brought a little more fear to the table, pal. So let me give you a starter course in fear and here’s a teaspoon that you know have coursing through your system when you see my face and there’s a lot more we can bring. If you want to go back to respect, I’d much rather comport this relationship in that way and so when someone says, “You’re a pretty scary guy,” I know that I’m not, and you know that I’m not, but I’ll let that ride [laughs] until we can shut that application down because you truly have nothing to fear from me. I’ll be the first in line to help.

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