New tools for Web programmers

Here are a few new tools that intersect with stuff I’m usually working on. Parsely looks to be an interesting alternative to JQuery’s validation plugin. Sass isn’t new, but the blog post below was quite handy for getting me up to speed quickly. Amazon’s Clustrix is a cloudified version of MySQL.


Never write a single javascript line anymore to validate your forms FrontEnd. Parsley will do that for you and do it right, thanks to its powerful DOM-API !

Amazon’s Clustrix

Clustrix is an SQL database built from ground-up for scale, performance, and fault tolerance in the cloud. Clustrix offers fast transactional query performance at virtually any data set size and concurrency. With Clustrix, you never have to worry about database scalability again.

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Sass – Treehouse Blog

Using Sass for your CSS preprocessing is a useful tool for executing responsive web design. Andrew takes us through the absolute beginner’s guide to Sass.


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