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Riddles have no place in job interviews

Indeed. I have been presented with these riddles, even after I was a best-selling author. The last time it happened to (years ago), I told the interviewer it was a ridiculous question I refused to answer. However, I heard a story last night of what must be the worst interview hazing I’ve heard about. For an employee […]

Government kills Intrade to save movie exec jobs

Stossel shares some entertaining outrage, but the WSJ coverage leads with a reference to Hollywood that’s closer to the mark. Intrade must have been terribly threatening to the practice of picking hit movies. Even a stinker makes some cash, but not if a market warns everyone beforehand. Government Crushes Innovative Online Prediction Market Today, Americans […]

Freakonomics On Consulting

The Freakonomics podcast is great–I listen to it in bed with my Logitech Squeezebox Radio before falling asleep.  The most recent episode has Stephen Dubner talking to Robin Hason, one of the authors of the Overcoming Bias blog. It’s about consulting: I Consult, Therefore I Am. There’s some useful (if cynical) advice, such as fifty […]

Samsung to Apple: apology accepted

Obvious. And by the way, as the titles of the related articles below show, it seems like a certain D-Generation X catch phrase came to mind for several other people. Samsung hits Apple with 20% price hike: report – MarketWatch Samsung Electronics , the world’s largest technology firm by revenue, raised the price of mobile […]

Opposable Planets Social Profiling – The New Terms of Employment » Opposable Planets

Maybe because it’s obvious, but the essential prerequisite is a profound sense of cynicism. Is this an ad for a social strategist, or a politician? Maybe it’s part of the upcoming DSM V, meant to help psychiatrists identify modern psychopaths. We can only hope this is really a honeypot strategy to attract trolls for adding […]

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