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Acquisition is failure

I am not convinced this is universal, but I’m willing to go with it being the default position. I’m working on several startups right now in addition to my consulting work. The one that really inspires my passion helps therapists take structured notes, and when it’s successful, I hope my passion for it continue and […]

Job board exclusively for remote work

All jobs listed on are for working outside of a traditional office. I agree this is increasingly a benefit that programmers will seek. The remote-only job board called With traditional companies like Citibank and American Express on one hand, and cutting edge companies like 37signals, StackExchange, and Balsamiq on the other, a distributed team of remote workers […]

How Free Services Make Money

Here’s a good list to scan if you’re working on how to fund your startup. The list probably could be refactored to be half as long–some of the ideas are really variations of each other. Anyway, I find it interesting that Forbes is re-publishing Quora answers. How Do Free Services On The Web Make Money? […]

The chilling effect of a “mother, may I” economy

The tentacles of spying state agents reach into all of our lives, but imagine having no choice but to invite a police detective into your home to open all your drawers on the off chance there’s something that could be turned into an indictment. Fishing around for lawsuits When the Department of Justice Antitrust Division sued to stop […]

Copy, an alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive

Here’s an alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive that just appeared. Since I’m interested in moving PDFs and EPUBs around, I tried that out. Unfortunately, the Android app does not know what to do with EPUBs. You can ask the app to open the files as text, but none of my readers are available as […]

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