Six years later, Microsoft tries patenting a spoof from BBSpot

The concept of mashups has reached a new pinnacle. We’ve gone governments reporting Onion articles as truth.  We’ve gone beyond ridiculous patents.  Now we have large software companies applying to patent ideas from satirical sites. And yes, this probably counts as prior art–not that it’s any guarantee to stop the patent from being awarded.

Copyright Industry Madness Takes Six Years To Catch Up With The Worst Satire Of It – Falkvinge on Infopolicy

Six years ago, a satire site wrote a story about how the copyright industry wanted more money if you invited friends to watch a movie in your living room. This notion has now been patented in new technology: automated headcounts coming to a living room near you, to enable new forms of restrictions. Apparently, the copyright industry takes six years to catch up with the very worst satire of it.

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