Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mother’s Brains

They don’t know why, but they have seen cells from a mother’s child in her brain. Perhaps the cells pass through the placenta. This could also mean those same cells could pass the other way from mother to a child she bears later. The might find the cells of your older brother sibling in you!

The most amazing, humbling idea for me to contemplate is that beyond what my relationship with Vicky is, a profound merging of souls on the intellectual level, our becoming parents means some of my DNA may have traveled from Tre and Henry into her body to stay forever.

Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mother’s Brains

The link between a mother and child is profound, and new research suggests a physical connection even deeper than anyone thought. The profound psychological and physical bonds shared by the mother and her child begin during gestation when the mother is everything for the developing fetus, supplying warmth and sustenance, while her heartbeat provides a soothing constant rhythm.

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