New Clear Ink Web Site

Clear Ink, the company for which I am Chief Techologist, recently (and finally!) implemented a redesign. For anyone who wondered why I wasn’t mentioned before–I am now!

Clear Ink has been very successful in the past couple of years. The digital marketing industry has heated way up and we’re up to our ears in business. We’ve been doing some really amazing work with screencasts and novel Web applications. I’ve got a such a great, talented group of technologists reporting to me. I feel very fortunate to have found them, especially as I haven’t been able to find acceptable candidates to interview for the current open position. (If you’re a Windows/Linux desktop admin looking to learn how to program, contact me).

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Indeed, it’s a great picture. Fabulous work on the photography, especially how you attempted to place each person along a left-right political spectum.

And for anyone looking for a art director, please track down Paula at

Hey Leon, why no props for the photo, huh? First you accuse me of posing people to the left or right according to their politics, then you take my work, post it on your blog with no credit to the photographer. Thanks!

(just kidding)

But it is a good photo, don’t you think?


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