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Minecraft Realms

For the past year, we’ve been using a Minecraft server running locally. Realms will be nice for anyone who’s less tech savvy.

‘Minecraft’ aims to reel in families, young gamers with new Realms subscription service | The Verge

In an effort to broaden Minecraft’s audience and draw in families and younger gamers, Mojang has announced a new initiative called Minecraft Realms. At its core, Realms is a monthly subscription service that gives players a private, tightly-controlled Minecraftserver, providing “a safe and easy way” for children to enjoy the hugely-popular title. Pricing has yet to be finalized, but Games Industry International suggests it will fall somewhere between $10 and $15. For that fee, players will take ownership of their ownMinecraft world with full control over who else may enter and build alongside them. Thankfully only one person needs to pay for a Realms account, so your friends and family members won’t have to part with any cash to get started — all they’ll need is a copy of the game and an internet connection.

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