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Do you support the policy or the man?

The gag: find people who say they support Obama, offer up stuff he’s done in the past four years but claim it’s Romney’s plan, then ask if they agree. Finally, admit you lied and enjoy the cognitive dissonance.

This might be the best example I’ve seen of how most people hold beliefs for psychological reasons and then construct “logical” scaffolding to justify it after the fact.

Obama Supporters Pwned by Own Ignorance of Obama’s Policies « Political Pwnage

This is such a damning indictment of so many Obama supporters that it may be misconstrued as somehow being in support of Romney. It is not. (just look at our past posts Re: Romney. There’s no doubt one could find a similar video like this calling out the ignorance of Romney supporters, as well. If one such video exists, we would love to know. But, we digress.)

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