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Sells Minor Threat T-Shirts at Urban Outfitters

“It’s not a political thing for me,” MacKaye says. “I just don’t give a fuck about T-shirts.”

Urban Outfitters Sells Minor Threat T-Shirts, Ian MacKaye Responds – Arts Desk

Hey, look, teens of America: You can buy a kewl Minor Threat T-shirt for $28 at Urban Outfitters.

Hear something? That’s the sound of a 45-year-old punk rocker punching a wall.

But wait just a second before you start groping for the lever on the ol’ outrage machine. Turns out the T-shirt is not a bootleg like that Forever 21 design from 2009; it’s licensed through Tsurt, a California-based company that Ian MacKaye and Co. hired to produce and oversee sales of the band’s official shirts.


We are all NSA

And why not play Steve Jackson’s game, Killer and turn it into civil disobedience? Abbie Hoffman would be so proud.

“Excuse me, are you a robot in the Surveillance State?”

In 1959, two friends of mine, Carl and Michael, staged a spy experiment at the small Ithaca, New York, airport. They were students at Cornell University.

Michael was coming in on a little commercial plane from New York late at night.

In the one-room terminal, Carl waited for him and paced around, wearing a British raincoat and sunglasses. Occasionally, he’d look at his watch and glance out at the airstrip.

Finally, the plane arrived.

Michael, also wearing a British raincoat, descended the steps from the plane, and Carl walked out to meet him on the tarmac. They stood, head to head, for a few minutes, talking to each other. They gestured toward the terminal.

Security personnel arrested them.

On suspicion of seeming suspicious.

Which was the point of the experiment.

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Self control the key to success

What one thing can determine whether or not you’re successful in life?

Self control predicts success even better than IQ.

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Martinez needs someone to run the Campbell Theater

I don’t know about how economically feasible it is, but it would be quite convenient to have shows running there all the time.

Martinez unable to find promoter for shuttered Campbell Theatre –

But Martinez received only two promoters’ proposals by the Aug. 19 deadline, neither of which met the city’s criteria, according to Schroder. Many of the groups that earlier had expressed interest in the Campbell said the city’s requirements were too stringent, he said.

Now, the city is offering more flexible terms, including the possibility of setting payments based on the promoter’s profit.


xkcd: Prometheus

Philosophy FTW!

xkcd: Prometheus

Prometheus has stolen fire from the gods! Well, sort of. I mean, when you use a fire to make another fire, the first fire doesn’t go away. So really, it’s more like sharing.