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We are all NSA

And why not play Steve Jackson’s game, Killer and turn it into civil disobedience? Abbie Hoffman would be so proud. “Excuse me, are you a robot in the Surveillance State?” In 1959, two friends of mine, Carl and Michael, staged a spy experiment at the small Ithaca, New York, airport. They were students at Cornell […]

Self control the key to success

What one thing can determine whether or not you’re successful in life? Self control predicts success even better than IQ.

Martinez needs someone to run the Campbell Theater

I don’t know about how economically feasible it is, but it would be quite convenient to have shows running there all the time. Martinez unable to find promoter for shuttered Campbell Theatre – But Martinez received only two promoters’ proposals by the Aug. 19 deadline, neither of which met the city’s criteria, according to […]

xkcd: Prometheus

Philosophy FTW! xkcd: Prometheus Prometheus has stolen fire from the gods! Well, sort of. I mean, when you use a fire to make another fire, the first fire doesn’t go away. So really, it’s more like sharing.

Social Distortion lullaby album

My kids probably want to keep falling asleep to Eleventy Seven, but I’ll fall asleep to Lullaby Versions of Social Distortion. Social Distortion lullaby album due this month Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star have announced the next collection of covers will be released on June 25th, featuring lullaby renditions of Social Distortion.

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