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23andMe drops to $99

For only 99 bucks, it could be fun to see what 23andMe comes up with. Check out Mark Sisson’s Should You Get Your Genome Sequenced? before you order, though.

23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki announces new million customer goal | The 23andMe Blog

Today we’re announcing some big news. I don’t want this moment to go by without a note of gratitude to our customers and those who have been advocates for 23andMe over the years.

We have come a long way together.  Because of you we pioneered the use of personal genetics.  You are helping us establish a new medical era that is defined by wellness, disease prevention, and personalized care.  You also helped us create a novel research platform.  By leveraging online tools, social networking and crowd sourcing, and combining them with genetics, we created a platform that has set the stage to transform the way pharma companies and academics do health and wellness research.

We want to do more.