Hyborian Kings

Hyborian Kings is a boardgame I invented in 2001. The theme is the world of Conan. My weekly game group played it several times, never to complete satisfaction. Jeff McKillop and I tweaked the rules a few times.

I’ve done a lot of work on analyzing the combat system. It has a tipping-point quality where a single, additional army unit can make a dramatic difference to the odds.

The biggest issue with the game is that it doesn’t appear to be balanced. That is, not all starting positions give equal chance of success. If you just want to have fun pretending to be the king of Koth, and you don’t mind that Aquilonia will probably win the game, then it’s not a big deal.

The link below will download a big zip file with all the material for the game. It’s 81 megs because it includes several versions of the map, which is 3 feet by 2 feet at 300 dpi. I did the artwork in Photoshop but I’ve exported it here as JPGs. There’s also a FCW file for anyone who uses Campaign Cartographer.

Hyborian (81M)

To play the game, you’ll have to print out the map. I pasted it to posterboard. You’ll also have to print out the counters. I pasted those to matte board and cut them out with a razor.

Although I may not be able to convince my group to try to play it again, I’d be interested in feedback. I’m releasing this into the public domain. Do with it as you will. If you make improvements, please let me know.

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Not everyone lives in Uganda, GrimFinger. Now you expect this poor guy to have to make each file available for download individually because of your backwoods ass?

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