Ten bucks gets you the whole LSL series


Leisure Suit Larry ‘Greatest Hits and Misses’ collection now on GOG

Classic PC adventure gaming examples of how not to pick up women have been spritzed with horrendous cologne and dressed up as GOG’s Leisure Suit Larry “Greatest Hits and Misses” collection. The $10 pack includes the first five Larry jams, the oldest of which (Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards) comes in both Original and VGA flavors.

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OK, I had to respond because today out of curiosity I was wondering who is left in the world that is any good at Linden Scripting Language, given the cool things we used to do in it so long ago. So I did a Google blog search for “best LSL programmers” and the top result, no shit, was this page. (I wasn’t even logged in to Google!)

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