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I first built the Random Generators in 1997, starting with the Band Name Generator. I gradually added several others. Most of them are based on a technique of multiple passes of replacing keywords in phrases. They start with a template, then replace keywords with plain text or another keyword phrase. This goes on until only plain words are left.

A key component to this is the large database of classified words. I started with about 300 words originally, and coded an interface for people to add more. As of September 2006, the database had more than 40,000 words. Although there are some people who add garbage words, the majority of words are appropriate. In 2005, I added a system that tracks votes on words. This allows visitors to help with editing. Words with low vote counts are not used. Words with high counts are used more often.

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Hi Leon –

How about a random website name generator and a random password generator?

– Anne

What’s up Leo, well i want to know if u can make a song called
“loved-hated” please, specially about girls, u know something like u love her but she left u and u hate her at the same time u love her.

Well, ur site is really cool and i think it’ll help a lot my band so if u got anything new please send me an email


Hey can you please remove the background for lyrics, it becomes distracting and its difficult to read when the background is red.

This tool is great, some of the names it comes up with are hilarious, i’ll be sure to pass this on to all of my DJ friends as a lot of them are tired of just using their own names when advertising their gigs.

Great work!

Ryan: all of your songs on your MySpace page are instrumentals. Were you getting blank pages from the random lyric generator?


Hi Leon. Love your site. I was hugely inspired by your random lyric generator, that i made a song from the lyrics. And i actually recorded it !! Double dare for you.

Great site


u need a random pimp name generator where it puts like 3 words togather out of a list like:
pimp, daddy, flex, powda, silk, smooth, pimpin, papi, funk, masta, trinkle, fly, sugar, caramel, cash, money, smooth, diesel, man, playa, etc..

Dudes, chicks, whatever, that random chord generator is excellent. I just found it but I’m sure that it will help my guitar out tremendously. Thank you.

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