Effects of Reading an Elven Diary

While exploring elven catacombs, the characters in my game found a diary in a magic box they pulled from a sarcophagus. The box was 12-sided with no obvious hinges, only a finger-sized hole. Fortunately, they did not try bashing it open–it would have delivered a lightning bolt. Instead, one of the elves stuck his finger in the hole and it opened.

Inside, they found the diary, which will dribble out lore about how the ancient elves worshiped demons and buried their dead in caves. Two of the party are elves and will have no trouble reading the diary. The humans, the dwarf or the halfling will find reading the diary produces subtle, unwanted results.

  1. Age one year. This will be particularly inconvenient for humans who might read through all the pages and die of old age.
  2. Ears grow into points. Acquire the elven resistance to surprise.
  3. Shed 10lbs and generally become slimmer and elven of build. Return to normal over the course of a year.
  4. All facial hair falls out, particularly odious for the dwarf.
  5. Crave leaves. Suffer 1d4 damage each day for a week until leaves are eaten. During this time, no other food is necessary.
  6. An intense feeling of heat compels the removal of clothes for a week. A fighter will find himself undefended while wearing only a loincloth. +1 for any temperature-related saving throw.

While reading the first few passages of the diary, a non-elf will experience the ideas as attempting to squeeze into a too-small garment or swinging an ogre-sized club.