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Ostrich Pillow

Looks like a gift from a Mark Mothersbaugh in an alternate reality. De-evoloution is real and alive in the multiverse. Here is a tool to pull the wool over your own eyes while counting the proverbial sheep. As an added bonus, while wearing this device, you are guaranteed to be free of all government mind-reading. Studio […]

Eat your veggies!

So, let me get this straight–you just treat your kids like ordinary human beings who require logical justification for the rules of behavior that would otherwise just seem arbitrary? And they decide for themselves to accept the logic, which leads to healthy eating? Revolutionary! Getting Kids to Eat Their Veggies: A New Approach to an […]

The Era of Obesity

I’m a sucker for any story about the religious approach to knowledge being crushed by science. David Berreby – The obesity era Today’s priests of obesity prevention proclaim with confidence and authority that they have the answer. So did Bruno Bettelheim in the 1950s, when he blamed autism on mothers with cold personalities. So, for […]

Is your sunscreen causing cancer?

I do much better when I get my 30 minutes of sun and then cover up with clothing. Is your sunscreen causing cancer? The majority of sunscreens on the market today are more harmful than beneficial.  Sunscreens are designed to decrease your risk of skin cancer and allow you to enjoy the sun without worry.  Unfortunately, most […]

Sucralose affects insulin response

Granted this is somewhat narrower than my title suggests, but it should make you think twice about eating sucralose (Splenda). Diabetes Care | Mobile OBJECTIVE Nonnutritive sweeteners (NNS), such as sucralose, have been reported to have metabolic effects in animal models. However, the relevance of these findings to human subjects is not clear. We evaluated the […]

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