Best Music 2012

Here’s a rundown on the best albums that came out in 2012, in no particular order.

Westwinds – The Real McKenzies

Every song by this band makes me want to hold a drink up high in one hand, wrap my other arm around your shoulders and sing along at the top of my lungs. It being the end of the year, a time for a reflection, check out The Real McKenzies’ ode to MLK, The Message. Here is a gift for you to keep. There’s a message you can hear all over the world if you only try. To all those who worry about this troubled world, we can change it all today.

Uno / Dos / Tre – Green Day

Really three albums, but they might as well as been a three-disc release. Putting aside the claim by some of my friends that Green Day ripped off the Mr. T Experience sound, these guys keep making music I can listen to on repeat. Everyone in the family enjoys it, which makes it good roadtrip music. Plus, the ElSob world view matches up pretty close to MTZ: Well I don’t want to be an imbecile. But Jesus made me that way… I think X-Kid might be the best track, but The Forgotten was the name of my teenage punk rock band. I can’t bring myself to share the video since it has all these distracting scenes from the last Twilight movie in it.

Rebirth – Jimmy Cliff

I knew this album would be great after last year’s Sacred Fire EP. His version of Guns of Brixton might be better than the original.

Acoustic Volume Two – Tony Sly & Joey Cape

It certainly was a terrible loss when Tony Sly passed away this year. I was looking forward to many more years of his music. Visit for more info about him and donate to help support his family if you can afford it.

S/T – OFF!

Keith Morris is 57 years old. You are probably younger and not rocking as hard. What do you have to say for yourself?

Lost City – The Lost City EP

A Portland-based four-piece rock band. Inspired by The Boss, Jimmy Eat World, Cormac McCarthy, and Patton Oswalt. If you liked My Life in Black and White, you will like band.

S/T – Classics of Love

If you liked Operation Ivy, you will like this band.

“God, Forgive These Bastards” Songs From The Forgotten Life Of Henry Turner – The Taxpayers

Tempest – Bob Dylan

We Come In Peace – D.O.A.

Into the Future – Bad Brains



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