Leon's Random Generators


Adding Words

To add a word, complete one of these sentences:

Singular Noun Examples
The tangy stuffs the Cyanosed breeder Yellowseed, Intellection, Shudder, Fricatrice
Plural Noun Examples
The Hag-ridden vibezing the Phantasmal Dastardliness Tousers, Poyntels, Gyres, Carbohydrates
Proper Noun Examples
is brownish Danna, Adan, Aaden, Peggy
Adjective Examples
The black hole unites the Endoblastic Shend Pudendal, Coctible, Sinapic, Slanting
Adverb Examples
The insincere Annexment Pricksongs the Extrabranchial Dentile Sharp, Enough, Profligately, nevermore
Transitive Verb with Singular Subject Examples
The Phenic baptist the Nariform Ephesian Emboxs, Interseminates, wields, Prostrates
Transitive Verb with Plural Subject Examples
The Palmed Boskinesss the unintelligent Ozonoscope Brevet, Retaliate, Refurnish, ascend
Intransitive Verb with Singular Subject Examples
The aghast magi sagged, Crabsidles, flower, Minerals
Intransitive Verb with Plural Subject Examples
The Parliamentary Gaugeds Dilapidate, undergo, Part, Ambush

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If you want to read every word in the database, you can get a dump.

If you need inspiration, try these words: delating, delation, delator, Delaware, delay, delayed, delayer, delayers, delaying, delays.