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Adding Words

To add a word, complete one of these sentences:

Singular Noun Examples
The Returnable Descrives the Mythologic Impregnating Denationalizing, Quaternion, Weaver, window washer
Plural Noun Examples
The Despotical tries the Uniramous hottest couple sex free video Incarnatings, Pardons, Cyphonisms, Heptarchs
Proper Noun Examples
is Diamonded Georgia, Estrella, Uriel, Francesca
Adjective Examples
The Turnhalle proscribe the Bell-mouthed vegeta Bimonthly, Subscapulary, Stibiated, Quadrupedal
Adverb Examples
The Ophiomorphous Sconcing Immixs the Spermatophorous Froe Through, Anniversarily, Astraddle, Swythe
Transitive Verb with Singular Subject Examples
The anodized Ephemeron the Segmented winter reign, Derives, Overfriezes, Unpaints
Transitive Verb with Plural Subject Examples
The Paracelsian Spirations the Finn wafflestomper slaps, Profanation, traverse, Intwine
Intransitive Verb with Singular Subject Examples
The Scansorial Stipule Orbs, philosophize, Recovers, Excogitates
Intransitive Verb with Plural Subject Examples
The Detect Kawakas Scholiaze, babble, squeeze my genitals, Precontract

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If you need inspiration, try these words: Boston, Bostonian, Bostonians, bosun, Boswell, Boswellize, Boswellizes, bot, botan, botanic.