Leon's Random Generators


Adding Words

To add a word, complete one of these sentences:

Singular Noun Examples
The Feeling Champs the Entomologic Sallet Delph, Stimulating, Rectorate, Interlucation
Plural Noun Examples
The Protrudable Pulvil the Stern-wheel Landlady Euphorbias, Subashs, Platinodes, Anglers
Proper Noun Examples
is Monorganic Devon, Corey, Braydon, Arianna
Adjective Examples
The Rhapsodomancy Unstocks the electric-blue estrogen Balky, Uncleansable, nausiating but sexy, Discouraging
Adverb Examples
The Sithed Sinapisin memorizes the Unbounded blackboard falsely, Commodiously, Vainly, Anon
Transitive Verb with Singular Subject Examples
The Paraconic Pendentive the Rococo Interact Codles, Baskets, escorts, snerd nerdles
Transitive Verb with Plural Subject Examples
The bifurcated Synergys the Blacken Fane Alloy, Cup, Beslaver, wait in line for
Intransitive Verb with Singular Subject Examples
The Insapory Graffer Belchs, goes plop, wanders, Erns
Intransitive Verb with Plural Subject Examples
The Coruscant Sanctitys squirm during sex ed, caporino, Surrejoin, Concentrate

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If you want to read every word in the database, you can get a dump.

If you need inspiration, try these words: earl, earldom, earlier, earliest, earliness, earlobe, earlock, earls, early, earmark.