Leon's Random Generators


Adding Words

To add a word, complete one of these sentences:

Singular Noun Examples
The Monitorial Disaffects the Ontogenic Hermaphrodeity Skirmishing, cock-jockey, Depute, Monology
Plural Noun Examples
The Irreversible Bemock the Plagate Impresa Improvvisatores, Gazements, Utopianisms, meathelmets
Proper Noun Examples
is Underhanded Kendall, Marlee, Sergio, Sandra
Adjective Examples
The Accommodableness Smarts the Electro-negative Curassow Astomous, Caffetannic, Overearnest, Senatorious
Adverb Examples
The Rash Roughtail Excusss the Unsurmountable Gasalier Ripplingly, Scrimpingly, Little, Woodly
Transitive Verb with Singular Subject Examples
The Funest Acknowledging the asiatic Academic Impassionates, Jeopards, folds up, Glooms
Transitive Verb with Plural Subject Examples
The Antasthmatic Erynggiums the Wiery Reostat defenestrated, Sweep, Revolutionize, Adjudicate
Intransitive Verb with Singular Subject Examples
The Cedar Waist Bounds, Draws, Oldens, sucks me dry
Intransitive Verb with Plural Subject Examples
The Viminal Foretops Daub, twiddle, restored the old house, visualize the fussy britches

If you need to refresh yourself on the parts of speech, check out HyperGrammar.

If you want to read every word in the database, you can get a dump.

If you need inspiration, try these words: preprepared, preprint, preprinted, preprinting, preprints, preprocess, preprocessed, preprocesses, preprocessing, preprocessor.