Leon's Random Generators



Band Names

This generator will produce a name for your new band! Or it might make you rename your current band. Or it might just make you laugh.


This generator makes lyrics to songs. They are very avant garde. Reading them is a challenge to your sanity. Making an acutal song from the lyrics is a dare! Performing that song is a double-dare!

Chord Progressions

This generator offers sequences of chords to play along with song lyrics. Meter is left as a mystery. Matching the chords to any particular lyrics is left as an excercise for the reader.


This generator returns a joke. Many of them are based on classic joke forms, but offer a new twist. Share them with your friends! They will enjoy it! Really!


This generator gives you sage advice. It has no hidden agendas, in fact it doesn't even want to help you. It's just pure, unbiased advice. And you can take it or leave it. Hit reload if the advice doesn't seem right.


This generator expounds on pithy topics of the day. You will read lucid critiques. The story of recorded history will lay revealed before you. You will attain great insight into the motivations of others. And if the essay is not at once understandable, try reading it in French.

Comic Strip

What is your morning without the comics? This generator is an ever-flowing fountain of witty genius. It's almost exactly like Dilbert!


The translator is not a generator, per se. It takes text as input and returns a much clearer version. It reveals the lines written between the lines, which frequently share little resemblance to the original.

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