Automated unit tests from Asis

This tool allows you to periodically grab stack traces and record calls to a library that are then saved as unit tests. It’s a shortcut to getting coverage for a library that’s already in production and stable.

zavg/Asis · GitHub

Asis – Tool to deal efficiently with legacy code through creating and running characterization tests automatically.

The main idea is the following: while user or tester is using your product (for example, Web site) the Asis tool records the function calls which are performed, the sets of arguments which are passed to the function and the received output. Output can be any, starting from strings, integers, HTML, JSON and finishing with serialized objects with complex internal structure. We don’t care what we receive – we just record it and approve as correct result, because we know that we are working with the stable release version.

Psychology Links

Here’ are some links to articles about psychology that caught my interest in the past several months.

Homeschooling Links

I’m sitting on a pile of links I intended to share going back to September when I got really busy. Here are some I saved related to homeschooling and education. We kept Tre home this school year and a few months later took Henry out of public school. So far, it’s working out well, though there are definitely challenges.

Free Lessons from the James Randi Educational Foundation

These look to be great resources for fellow homeschoolers.

New “JREF in The Classroom” Lessons!

The James Randi Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the release of four new additions to our JREF in the Classroom offerings:

  • Pareidolia: Do You See What You Think You See?
  •  Illusions: Our Visual System
  •  Cognition: Are You Rational?
  •  Power Balance: Sports Enhancement, or Placebo?

These are downloadable lesson plans for use in high school and junior high school science and psychology classes that use topics in pseudoscience and the paranormal to teach critical thinking, skepticism, and scientific inquiry. Each lesson is designed to expose students to concepts identified in the National Science Content Standards and AAAS science literacy benchmarks.

Pettibon Interviewed by The Guardian

Some truths are only safely speakable as art.

Raymond Pettibon: punk with a pencil | Art and design | The Guardian

His artwork for Black Flag and Sonic Youth helped define the punk aesthetic. Now he’s taking aim at the US government

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